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Convert DWG Task (Formerly Convert With DraftSight) is a SolidWorks PDM task add-in that converts DWG files to PDF and DXF.

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NEW! – The add-in now has its own built-in PDF generator. DraftSight or AutoCAD are no longer required but are still supported!

Convert DWG Task (Formerly Convert With DraftSight) is a SolidWorks PDM task add-in that converts DWG files to PDF and DXF.

The add-in includes a built-in PDF generator, or it supports using AutoCAD’s or DraftSight’s scripting capability. DraftSight is free, so you won’t tie up a license of other software to convert your DWG files. This add-in uses the free version of DraftSight.

As of version 250, DraftSight, AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT are supported.


SOLIDWORKS includes a DWG to PDF add-in using DraftSight. However, that add-in is quite limited in functionality.

  • Output file in or out of vault
  • Variables in the filename
  • Secondary output paths
  • Secondary output paths can be relative
  • Duplicate file handling
  • Create reference from the destination file
  • Custom menu command
  • Use DraftSight for conversion
  • Use AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT for conversion
  • Includes built-in PDF generator
  • VB.NET scripting
  • C# scripting
  • Page setup by default, layout, block, file name, etc
  • Export all or specific sheets
  • Export sheets based on filename or sheet name
  • Export sheets to one or separate PDFs
  • Ignore Model layout when exporting all
  • Combine all PDFs from the task into one file
  • Full API for scripting
  • Watermark PDF on export with image or text
  • Apply password protection to PDFs
  • Separate email notifications with PDF attachments
  • Email notification supports SSL
  • Full logging






Upgrades are $195 for the next major version of SOLIDWORKS PDM.


  • SolidWorks EPDM/PDM Pro
  • DraftSight or AutoCAD must be installed on the computer running the task if you’re using scripting.
  • .NET 4.5 is required, so as of version 201, this add-in will not run on EPDM 2013 and earlier. (Previous versions do, however.)

Quick installation instructions:

  • Drag and drop the add-in from the cex to your vault.
  • Right click on Tasks in the administration tool and select ‘New Task’.
  • Select Convert DWG Task in the Add-in combobox.
  • Select the computers that will support the task. If you haven’t set up Task Host Configuration, select Task Host Configuration from the EPDM icon in the notification area. Once done, press the Refresh List button in the addin setup page. Press next.
  • Configure your task. The set up should be self explanatory.
  • Press OK.
  • Now, either setup your workflow to add the task to a transition, or right click on a file and select Convert with DraftSight.
  • That’s it!

Trial Versions

A trial is available and it will run for 30 days. After the trial period has completed, a subscription is required.

For EPDM 2014 and greater; EPDM 2014: [download id=”15241″]

For EPDM 2013 and EPDM 2012;

Please note that these versions are no longer being developed and updated.

EPDM 2012: [download id=”13449″]
EPDM 2013: [download id=”13444″]

1 review for Convert DWG Task

  1. Pete Yodis

    Lee’s Convert with DraftSight Add-in has been fantastic for us with EPDM. We needed an automated way to create PDF’s and DXF’s from DWG files. The built-in solution for EPDM (that uses SolidWorks to process DWG files) just did not provide the high fidelity of conversion to PDF, especially with GDT notes and other symbols. Using DraftSight to produce the PDF and DXF files ensures that we get a great quality conversion. We worked with Lee to get the functions of the add-in just right while he was in development. He graciously added capability as we needed for the DXF out and the ability to use variables in the file name or folder path. The ability to modify the script that runs in DraftSight for each task that runs with the add-in has allowed us to automatically bind all XREFs in our files before we create the DXF file to be sent out to customers. Lee was a real professional to work with and it really shows in this add-in. The EPDM community will be greatly served by this great Add-in.

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