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$150.00 / year and a $999.00 sign-up fee

EPDM Print to PDF Task Add-in is a SolidWorks Enterprise PDM task add-in that prints files to a PDF printer. It currently uses Bullzip PDF Printer. Microsoft Office files (Excel, Word, Visio, and PowerPoint) are handled natively and the PDF printer is not required. (It does need to be installed, however.)

For MS Office files only, see the Office to PDF Add-in.

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Create PDF Files in SOLIDWORKS PDM Without SolidWorks!

EPDM Print to PDF Task Add-in is a SOLIDWORKS PDM Pro task add-in that prints files to a PDF printer. It currently uses Bullzip PDF Printer. There are two versions of the add-in; Basic (free), and Standard (paid). Microsoft Office files (Excel, Word, Visio, and PowerPoint) are handled natively and the PDF printer is not required. (It does need to be installed, however.)


  • Creates PDFs from virtually any application.
  • Print PDFs outside of the vault.
    Provides the ability to print PDFs outside of the vault.
  • Print secondary PDFs outside the vault.
    Provides the ability to print secondary PDFs in or outside of the vault.
  • Relative paths for PDFs.
    Relative paths from the source or destination file for secondary files.
  • PDF security.
    Ability to permit or deny PDF security, including self-expiring documents.
  • Microsoft Word, Excel, Visio and PowerPoint specific.
    Special handling for Microsoft Word, Excel, Visio, and PowerPoint files.
  • Duplicate file name handling.
    Includes duplicate file name handling.
  • Create references.
    Create a reference from the destination file to the source file.
  • Custom menu command.
    Option to display a menu command or not, with custom text.
  • Update variables data card.
    Update variables in the output file's data card.
  • Combine PDF files
    Combine all PDF files from the task to one file.
  • Watermark PDFs
    Apply watermarks to the output PDF files.



There are evaluation versions listed below. The evaluation versions will run for 250 license validations/PDF generations or 30 days. Once you make your payment a license code will be emailed to you. You may also contact your SolidWorks VAR if you do not wish to purchase a license online.

Note: The free version is not being supported and developed as of September 2014.

Download the trial version:  EPDMPrintToPDF_Ver208 (536 downloads)


Upgrades are $195 for the next major version of PDM.


  • SolidWorks EPDM/PDM Pro 2015 or greater.
  • Bullzip PDF Printer. (For non-MS Office files.)
  • The default application that prints the file sent to the task must be installed on the computer that will be running the task.
  • .NET 4

Quick installation instructions:

  • Open the cex file and drag and drop the add-in to your vault.
  • Right click on Tasks in the administration tool and select ‘New Task’.
  • Select EPDMPrintToPDFTaskAddin in the Add-in combobox.
  • Select the computers that will support the task. If you haven’t set up Task Host Configuration, select Task Host Configuration from the EPDM icon in the notification area. Once done, press the Refresh List button in the addin setup page. Press next.
  • Enter your Bullzip PDF Printer name and enter the path to save the PDFs in.
  • Press OK.
  • Now, either setup your workflow to add the task to a transition, or right click on a file and select Print to Bullzip PDF.
  • That’s it!

Version 2.0.8 – 12/20/2016

  • PDM 2017 support.
  • Added combine all output PDFs to one file.
  • Added converted files to the PDM notification.

Version 2.0.7 – 07/12/2016

  • Added watermark feature
  • Added ability to choose which version in the local cache to use
  • Added updating of Word fields before converting

Version 2.0.6 – 03/31/2016

  • Updated for PDM Pro 2016
  • Fixed output file not being added to vault when printing from MS Word.
  • Minor other tweaks.

Version 2.0.4 – 07/15/2015

  • Fixed value out of range bug.
  • Fixed local file handling.

Version 2.0.3 – 02/23/2015

  • Added Copy PDF to PDF option – When working with PDF source files, the add-in has the option to copy the pdf instead of printing it.

Version 2.0.2 – 12/09/2014

  • Added PowerPoint handling.
  • Removed BullZip PDF Printer requirement. (The add-in will not check to make sure the printer is set, so if you attempt to print a non-MS Office file and the printer isn’t set the task will fail.)

Version 2.0.1 – 11/13/2014

  • Fixed secondary output paths and file variable handling bugs.

Version 2.0.0 – 09/09/2014

  • Added – Export from Word, Excel, and Visio using their own API.
  • Added – Secondary output files with support for relative paths.
  • Added – Error and debug logging.
  • Added – PDF security: self-expiring documents. When a document is expired, it will automatically close.
  • Added – PDF security: Read and owner passwords as well as various permission settings.
  • Changed – One dll for all versions of EPDM.


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Additional Information

Print Settings

Print Settings

  • Bullzip PDF Printer name: The name of the Bullzip PDF printer. Bullzip needs to be installed on each machine that will be running the task.
  • Primary Output path: This should be a valid UNC path. Note that there is a 260 character limit on file paths, so be careful when using certain variables.
  • Secondary Output path: The secondary output path can be relative to the source or destination file, or a valid UNC path.
  • Create a reference from the destination file to the source file: Source files will show up under the ‘Contains’ tab of the destination file.
  • Duplicate file name handling: Replace existing files and create new versions. Note that files outside the vault will always be overwritten.

  • Display a menu command in Explorer: Check this if you would like to show a menu item in the context menu of Windows Explorer. This will launch the task for the selected files.

  • This dialog allows setting up variables that will be copied from the source file to the destination file. Note that these only affect files stored in the vault.


Excel, Word and Visio provide their own API for exporting which is useful when a file contains macros. When a file contains a macro that updates the file, it will trigger a save that the task can’t anticipate or handle.

Export Settings

Security Settings

Security Settings