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Data Migration

Have some (or many) files to bring into PDM? We have a lot of experience doing so. Whether you’re coming from SOLIDWORKS Workgroup PDM or another system, we can handle it. And at a cost a lot less than your value added reseller.

We have created our own data migration tool which allows us to manipulate the data before we migrate it into SOLIDWORKS PDM. We’re capable of migrating from Windows folders (local or network), Workgroup PDM, PDM Standard to Pro, Pro to another Pro vault, or any other system that uses a database. We can do pre and post updates on the data and do batch processing on the files based on filters such as file names, paths, or variables within the files.

If you have a Workgroup vault and you’re looking to go to PDM Standard or Pro, let us know. We’ll take care of it.

Migration Types


Workgroup PDM


Another PDM System