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PDM and SOLIDWORKS Customisation

There isn’t a system out there that does everything one needs it to. With SOLIDWORKS PDM however, there is an expansive API that provides the ability to develop custom solutions to complex problems. We have years of experience doing just that.

We also have the capability of creating SOLIDWORKS add-ins and macros. If you’re doing repetitive tasks, think about having those tasks automated.

Professional Experience

File Conversion

We’ve created add-ins to convert AutoCAD, Inventor and MS Office file formats to PDF. We add features to the entire product line as customers request them. We’re experienced with file conversion and creation. If you have a specific requirement, contact us.

System Integration

If you’re looking to have your data go between your ERP, MRP or CMS software, give us a call. If your data is in a database, we can connect it!

SOLIDWORKS Macros and Add-ins

We’ve developed SOLIDWORKS macros to automate repetitive tasks, import data, and create features. If you’re doing things more than once, consider automating those tasks to minimise error and speed up development.